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Repair Xbox360’s E74 Error On Your Own


Are you annoyed because your Xbox360 is not working? If yes, then it is for sure that you would like to do anything, in order to see it functioning and working properly as soon as possible. There are different errors that can start giving you trouble in your gaming experience. If you want to know about the most common errors, then you will come to know that red ring of death, 2 red lights, 3 red lights and E74 are the errors about which you would come to know. In case, your Xbox360 has stopped working properly because of E74, then you have come to the right place.


Today you are going to learn about some really interesting facts that are related to the fixation of such errors. First of all, you have to know that it is not only your Xbox game console, which has become the victim of E74 or any other error. There are different websites from where you can get <a href=”http://www.learnxboxrepair.com/”> Xbox360 repair </a> guide. Fortunately the repair guides for this game consoles are highly authentic and useful. The information that you would find in such guides would actually help and guide you throughout the process of fixing the most common error called E74. There are some really basic and simple steps that you will have to follow in order to fix the error on your own.


  • First off all you will have to disconnect all the cables from your game console.
  • Make sure that you unplug the A/v cable as well.
  • The power cable is supposed to be unplugged from the socket on the wall.
  • Use a dry and soft cloth and properly clean all the steel tips that are present at the end of A/V cable.
  • Once you are done with it then plug in all the wires and cables firmly and securely.
  • Turn on the game console and see if it has started to work properly or not.
  • In case the error is still there, then try to replace the A/V cable. You can also borrow the cable from your relative or friend. And if it works, then purchase a new cable.
  • And even then the problem has not gone then you will have to take the console to the nearest Microsoft repair workshop.


It means that it is not hard or frustrating for any gamer keep his Xbox protected from getting troubled by any of the errors.

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Alisha John is a chief editor since early 2007, and she currently works for <a href=”http://www.learnxboxrepair.com/”>Learn Xbox Repair.com</a>. An xbox repair website that helps the xbox 360 fans to repair their consoles and other hardware at home.